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Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic


Mr Liew Yew Wan was certificated TCM doctor of Singapore TCM management committee, who can provide comprehensive and personalized health guidance as well as TCM outpatient medical services for the general public. He learned medicine from his father Liu Nanxiang since childhood, Liew Yew Wan obtaining true knowledge from his father receive patients directly.

Physician Liew Yew Wan has clinical experience for more than thirty years, who is proficient in Chinese medical pulse and medicinal herb distinguishing, who is especially skilled in regulating depression, emotional tension, endocrine disorders, various sub-health symptoms, weakness, deficiency and other health problems because of pressure. Various sub-health conditions of modern urbanites can be properly cured and regulated, thereby assisting the general public to restore health and vigor.

Medicated Food & Pharmacy Services


Ban On Hoe Medical Store drug quality assurance. Our employees have high level of product knowledge and professionalism and will provide professional pharmacist services. We also provides improved family tonic herbal formula which has passed down from generation to generation. Thereby assisting the public to cure and prevent disease, enhancing body immunity, repairing viscera function, preventing diseases, and keeping in good health.

The medical store is equipped with more than 500 kinds of rare and precious Chinese drugs and medicine materical crude slices with sufficient and complete goods sources. Qualified herbalist in the medical store can provide with you satisfied dispensing services.

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