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Chinese Physician Consultation

Certificated TCM doctor in Singapore Management Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine has clinical experience for more than 30 years, who provides full and personalized health guidance as well as TCM outpatient medical services for customers.

Dispensing of Medicinal Herbs

Our store drug quality assurance. Our employees have high level of product knowledge and professionalism and will provide professional pharmacist services. We also provides improved family tonic herbal formula which has passed down from generation to generation.

Monday & Saturday:

9.00am – 12.30pm

3.30pm – 6.30pm

Public Holidays:

9.00am – 12.30pm

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Closed on Sunday
  • 润肺滋补方

    精制药膳,美味可口,老少咸宜,补而不燥,加强免疫系统,促进新陈代谢,乃最佳保健汤料。 注: 调养方大致上适合大家,因各人体质不同,宜做些调整,欢迎咨询。 (more…)

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  • 补肺汤(C)

    配方:雪蛤,百合,红枣,莲子,元肉,冰糖 功能:养肺滋肾,健脾,凡贤阴亏损,梦遗滑泄,阴虚久咳均有疗效。 使用方法: 1)雪蛤的质地颇为坚硬,故需要浸上七至八小时才会柔软胀大,接着拣去附着的黑膜,蛙卵和生肠 2)将以上材料加清水两碗燉三到四小时即成 (more…)

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  • 十全大补汤

    配方:党参,白术,茯神,炙甘草,当归,川芎,熟地,白芍,北芪,肉桂,鸭 功能:补血益气,用于各种病后全身衰弱,肠胃的活动力衰弱,心脏病等,贫血,皮肤干燥而无热状者为适。 使用方法: 1)将各种材料洗净,鸭剁净飞水过冷河 2)放入炖盅内,注入清水盖好隔水炖三小时,下盐调味即可 (more…)

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