31st March, 2020, Tuesday, 08:52 AM

Health maintenance TCM food services

TCM food can be traced to many years ago, which has history of five thousand years till present. It belongs to precious Chinese cultural heritage and wisdom crystallization of Chinese nation. It is preserved after repeated practice. TCM food integrates experience and hard work accumulated by the ancestors for many years on one hand, which also belongs to the best prescription for keeping health and curing disease. Diseases can be treated after being orally taken by many patients. TCM food also has excellent effect even in preventing disease or strengthening health. Therefore these folk TCM has very high medical value. However, many prescriptions were lost due to society change, which are unknown for people. It is a loss for Chinese medicine, and regret in medical history. What a pity.

Locally common prescriptions are sorted here in order to raise people’s old memories, and make people in new generation to recognize TCM food. They will be released on the website for you as reference. We hope that the prescriptions can be carried forwards in the platform, thereby achieving the final purpose of benefiting people.

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