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Company History


Ban On Hoe Medical Store Pte Ltd. was founded in 1959 by the late physician Liu Nanxiang. Physician Liu Nanxiang came from South China with deep knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. He was taught by many famous doctors and unique in selection of precious medicine and health conditioning after studying for many years. Liu Nanxiang was welcomed and trusted by people.

Now, Physician Liu Yaowan following his father to study obtained true knowledge from Physician Liu Nanxiang with clinical experience for more than 30 years. He is proficient in proper treatment and regulation on various health status on modern urbanites. He can provide comprehensive health guidance and TCM services for general public, and hopes to carry forward folk TCM medicinal food aiming at relieving the public and benefiting the mass as final objectives.

Ban On Hoe Medical Store provides the general public with various modified traditional family nourishing herbal soups, which are best nourishing choices for modern urbanites. Various genuine high-grade precious rare medicinal herbs, fine tonics, health care products, homemade herbal tea and a series of well-priced products.

Ban On Hoe Medical Store always serves the general public with high quality products and professional skills, thereby meeting health demands of the public and assisting the mass to restore health and vigor. People can work, learn and live with healthy bodies.

If you want to seek a variety of medical treatment and conditioning of health conditions, please contact us immediately and click here for comprehending store address and contact mode.


Physician Profile


TCM practitioner Liew Yew Wan began his apprenticeship under his father, TCM practitioner Liew Nan Siong, who was a well-respected and highly accredited TCM physician in the industry.

Liew Yew Wan, who came from China, honed his craft in the renowned Ban Tai Hoe Pte Ltd. Under the guidance of his mentors, he devoted years of syuday to herbal medication becoming extremely well-versed in the field. Nan Siong became reputed for his meticulous bedside fnanners, in 1959, he pioneered Ban On Hoe Pte Ltd.

In 1979, Liew Yew Wan officially joined Ban Hoe Pte Ltd, Under his father’s wings he accumulated an impressively extensive knowledge of TCM. With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Yew Wan continued his father’s legacy as a physician with a heart.

An active member in the field, Yew Wan is a registered member under the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board, a senior member in the Association for promoting Chinese Medicines, and a senior executive member with the Singapore Chinese Druggists Association (SCDA).

Adept at bringing relief to a wide spectrum of patients, Yew Wan specialises in treating stress-related depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance and other illnesses common to modern Singaporeans today. His treatment methods combine herbal remedies with diet to help his patients regain health and vitality.

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